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Noise Source Identification

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Imaging sound has never been easier!

The first portable sound imaging – The CAE Soundcam

Solve your noise issues with this first of a kind portable sound imaging instrument.   We have several of these units so contact us for availability.

Problem Solvers

Our consulting team has been involved in many aspects of sound and vibrations from instrument development, engineering, airport noise, enviornmental noise with over 10 years experience with the development and use of acoustic beamforming.

Years of Experience

Problem Identification
Noise & Vibration Reduction
Large & Long Term Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Manufacturing Automation
Data Analysis


We use and rent SINUS instruments.  The noisepad is the newest rugged, portable and fully capable 4 channel noise and vibration instrument.  We have other options that run 8, 16, 24, 32+ channels.